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Warm water diving

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you've ever wanted to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certified course, our Discover Dive is the option for you. This dive is perfect for first timers wanting to dip their toes into the Scuba Diving scene. 


​Our Fun Dives, are just that! A whole load of underwater fun. If you have diving certification and you're a little more experienced underwater, you're guaranteed to have a good time when you join us for one of our Fun Dives. While we do offer one day Shore and Boat dive options, why not make the most of your time on Green Island and give our Summer or Winter packages a go? These Three Day packages are designed to be a hassle free and affordable way to book your diving, accommodation, transport, activities and meals all in one. If you'd love to do one of these packages but are feeling a little rusty, jump into our Re-Active course to get your skills back on track. Taking a Fun Dive on Green Island will give you access to crystal clear, high visibility water, ocean temperatures above 28 °C, the chance to see hundreds of species of nudibranch and the opportunity to dive around a rich variety of corals. 

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Learning to dive can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in your entire life! Earning your PADI certification will forever change the way you see the world, both above and below the surface. We offer Open Water, Junior Open Water and Advanced (Adventure) Open Water courses that are PADI diving certified. We also offer a Course Combo package to make sure you spend less time worrying about your accommodation, transport activities and meals and more time out in the water. Looking to learn an extra skill? why not give go for our Nitrox (Air Enrichment) course a try! If you decide to do both our Advanced Open Water course and Nitrox Course we'll even give you a special discount!


So, you have a great camera and are dying to see Green Island's amazing underwater creatures but don't know where to look? Well Islands Dive have got you covered :) Click here to find out more about our nighttime diving delight! 

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