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Welcome to Lyudao


We provide a number of diving services to meet your particular needs.

If you want to have your first experience breathing underwater try our Discover Dive, or if you want to explore our unique reefs, why not give one of our Fun Dive's a go? We think Green Island is a fantastic place to earn your Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diving Certifications as we offer great facilities, excellent gear and knowledgeable instructors, not to mention a fantastic underwater playground that's just waiting to be discovered. 


We now offer all inclusive, affordable Package Deals which will take the hassle out of arranging accommodation, transport, food and activities during your stay on Green Island. 


So, take a look around our website, where you can find out more about the fun you can have with Islands Dive!

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Green Island
a.k.a Lüdao

  • This charming and surprisingly spacious island is located on the east coast of Taiwan.

  • Green island is an amazing diving location as it offers great visibility (an average of 20 metres+). 

  • Due to the Kuroshio Current, it boasts a rich variety of coral and a colorful underwater environment.

➰ Peak season (May~October): Regular ferry schedule, water temperature ≒ 29°C.

➰ Off-Peak season (November~April): Irregular ferry schedule dependent on wind direction. Best suited for divers with a flexible travel schedule, water temperature ≒ 24°C.


Whether you are certified, first time to try diving, passionate underwater photographer, or wanna become a certified diver.  We got you all cover, but don't forget to make the booking in advance.

If you are not sure what to sign up after browsing the site, welcome to add us on WhatsApp (+886921097991) or via CONTACT.

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