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Because we are...

“A dive center specifically designed to cater for foreign tourists and their needs. We offer a variety of diving activities, including our Discover Dive, Fun Dive and PADI diving courses. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing high quality service and sharing their knowledgeable experience! Rest assured, we pride ourselves in ensuring the safety of our guests at all times. We want you to have an amazing diving experience and are sure you will enjoy the exotic island vibe here. So, let's dive together on Green Island!! ” 


—  Islands Dive founders.

We can offer you..

  • The annual maintenance of dive gear to keep you secured on each and every dive trip.

  • A clean air guarantee.

  • A comfortable rest area & hot water shower room.

  • Fast response for 100% of your inquires.

  • Access to a variety of dive spots all over the island.

  • Professional diving instructors, offering a variety of language options.

  • Experienced crews.

  • A reasonable cancellation policy.

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