• Monsoons

    Peak season 

    • Runs between April-October (Spring and Summer)

    • Because of the prevalent winds in the South West region during the Peak Season, we typically arrange dives around the North Eastern sites. 

    • In April, seasonal winds are at their most stable due to the monsoon transitional period. It's because of this, April is usually a great time to visit most of our dive sites! 

    • Between the months of August and October, Typhoons can effect ferry schedules, so please be aware of the effect this may have on your visitation plans if you are intending to dive around this time. 


    Off-Peak season

    • Runs between November and March (Autumn and Winter)

    • Around this time of year, the seasonal winds pick up in the North East, so we will generally conduct our dives down at our South Western sites. 

  • Tides

    Tidal changes can be checked in the solar (Gregorian) and the lunisolar calendar. Tidal forces will generally vary the most around the 3rd & the 18th day of lunisolar calendar.

    *The Lunisolar calendar was first used in ancient times by agrarian (agricultural) societies throughout the Sinosphere (the East Asian cultural area). It references particular seasons and significant natural phenomenon and events, and it is still widely used today. 

  • Temperature

    Taiwan is classified as a sub tropical area so expect warm, humid conditions throughout most of the year and a pleasant island vibe all year long.


    Peak season (April-October)

    Average temperature on land: 28°C (82.4°F)

    Underwater average: 28°C (82.4°F)

    Coldest months: Between July and August


    Off-Peak season (November-March)

    Average temperature on land: 20°C (68°F)

    Underwater average: 23°C (73.4°F)

    Coldest months: Between January and February.

  • Currents

    The path of the Kuroshio Current (also known as the Japan or Black Current) flows through Green Island and brings with it warm waters that gives the island it's rich, coral diversity and it's colorful underwater environment. However, because the strength of the current is further amplified by the geography of the island, it's strong tidal forces can effect divers ease entering and exiting the water at times. 

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