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PADI Open Water Course

Did you complete our Discover Dive, only to find yourself completely hooked on scuba diving? Then this is the solution for you. The earth's surface is made up of 70% water, so now is the perfect time to get your own, personal golden ticket to see it all!



  • You must be 10 years old or over (Divers aged between 10-14 year will receive a Junior Open Water certification)

  • You must be in reasonable physical health. 

  • You must complete the PADI Medical Statement. If you answer YES to any of the medical questions, you must have a physician’s/doctors approval before any in-water activities.


We offer PADI Open Water Courses based on demand, so please contact us with specific dates you have in mind to check availability.  


  • Four Open Water dives + one confined water training.

  • E-learning material.

  • Full diving gear rental hire + a dive computer.

  • Instructions from an English Speaking Instructor.

  • An instructor-diver ratio of 1:3.

PADI Diving Course Combo 4D3N

This is a four days, three nights package that you can add to our PADI Open water courses. Our Diving Combo Package takes the hassle out of arranging accommodation and transport during your stay on the island. We'll even pre-arrange some of your food and activities for you, leaving you with more time to unwind or explore our incredible island.

November - March

  • Suite (min. 2 applicants)................$ 17,000

  • Mix 5p Dorm​...................................$ 17,000

April - October

  • Suite (min. 2 applicants)................$ 18,500

  • Mix 5p Dorm​...................................$ 18,000


Day One - You will arrive in the morning on the earliest ferry and fill in your application. The course will start at 11am after an early lunch. You will listen in to a gear set up tutorial and participate in a confined water training session. 


Day Two - In the morning, you will get to have your first three open water dives which will take most of the day. Later in the evening, you will complete in class theory and knowledge review exercises. These will wrap up by around 10pm. 


Day Three & Fourth - On the third and final day, you will complete your fourth and final open water dive. After this, there will be a quiz and dive logs will be filled out. The dive schedule over the course will be determined by the progression of the divers, but the course generally finishes around 12pm. From then on you're free to explore the island, sign up for another one of our courses or say your goodbyes and reminisce on an experience you'll remember for a lifetime!


  • PADI Open water course training.

  • Breakfast coupon NT$50 per day per person.

  • Choose between your own Luxury Double room (private bathroom) or a mix dorm (private bathroom). Check out what your room look's like 📷 here!!

  • Transport hire of either a scooter/electric scooter or bicycle (allocation is based on your driving license conditions).

  • A free ferry shuttle

  • Booking assistance for the Return Taitung-Green Island Ferry (Total NT$1100 additiona to be paid by cash at the ticketing counter.)

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

This course helps build build your underwater confidence and expand your scuba skills through a variety of engaging and exciting Adventure Dives. You don’t need to be an 'advanced' diver to take the course and you can start right after earning your PADI Open Water certification. In the course, you will learn how to successfully execute the most popular type of adventure dives, including the required Deep Water and Underwater Navigation Dives. You will also participate in a Boat Dive, a Night Dive and the Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive. 



  • You must be over 10 years old

  • You must be in reasonable physical health.

  • You must be a certified PADI Open Water Diver (including Juniors) or hold an equivalent level.


We offer PADI Advanced Open Water Courses based on demand, so please contact us with specific dates you have in mind to check availability. 


  • Five adventure dives.

  • E-learning material.

  • Full diving gear rental hire + a dive computer.

  • Instructions from an English Speaking instructor.

  • An instructor-diver ratio of 1:4.

Special Bundle Deal

A NT$1,000 discount applies if you purchase both the PADI Nitrox and Advanced Open Water Courses together. 

PADI Nitrox Course

The Enriched Air dive is the most popular of PADI’s specialty certifications. And with good reason. Diving with enriched air (nitrox) gives you longer no-decompression time, which is great especially if you're planning on doing a number of scuba dives in quick succession. If staying down longer and getting back into the water sooner sounds appealing to you, then don’t hesitate to become an enriched air diver. You’ll learn why diving with higher oxygen content air gives you more bottom time, and how to properly use enriched air systems. You’ll also learn how to address common safety concerns and become familiar with best-practices, like how to analyze the oxygen content in your scuba tank and how to properly set your dive computer for enriched air.



You must be Certified as PADI Open Water Diver (including Junior) or equivalent level.


This courses theory based classes are operated during evening hours only. 

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